The Sioux Tribe

Sioux Tribe Facts

Out of the 13 political divisions of the Sioux tribe seven call themselves the Lakotas, four call themselves the Dakotas, one calls themselves the Nakotas, and  one can't decide whether to call themselves the Dakotas or the Nakotas.         

The Sioux tribe lived in what is now Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota.

Their are seven different tribes in the Sioux tribe (the Mdewakanton, Sisseton, Teton, Wahpekute, Wahpeton, Yankton, and Yanktonai Sioux tribes).

Two easy words in the native Sioux language are "hau" (pronounced like "how") which is a friendly greeting and waste (pronounced wash-tay) which means "good".

The name Sioux means "little snakes".

The Algonquiens called the Sioux the Nadowessioux which is how they came to be called Sioux.

The Sioux traditionally used cradleboards to carry their babies which is popular today.

A popular sport among the Sioux tribe is lacrosse. They even played it centuries ago!

A modern lacrosse stick